India-Bangladesh to sign extradition treaty in the month of January

India-Bangladesh to sign extradition

India-Bangladesh to sign extradition

India and Bangladesh have decided to sign the extradition treaty in the month of January throughout the suggested visit of Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde to Dhaka.

"Each side agreed the extradition treaty that is in mind by both government authorities might be completed in an early date. It had been agreed that Modified Travel Agreement (RTA) along with the extradition treaty is going to be completed and signed in the month of January, 2013 throughout the suggested visit of Indian Home Serve Dhaka," stated some pot statement released after Shinde had together with his Bangladeshi counterpart Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir here.

The statement, read out by Shinde, stated "each side noted the action had been taken for repatriation of sentenced criminals either to country underneath the seek change in sentenced criminals. Each side decided to allow development work within 150 yards of zero line."

The 2 nations also agreed to not turn to firing unless of course fired upon or assaulted by terrorists or armed crooks, the statement stated while indicating regret over deaths and demise around the border.

Shinde stated "systems have set up that have reduced the scope for such occurrences and also have increased mutual trust and goodwill one of the border protecting forces and individuals residing in the border areas.

"The amount of such occurrences has continuously come lower within the last couple of years. However, even one demise is simply too many. To make sure that no occurrences occur later on, India and Bangladesh must work collectively together and additional enhance cooperation between our border protecting forces to get rid of illegal trans-border activities," Shinde stated.

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